Rethink Shinola

RETHINK SHINOLA is a multi-part, Internet-based artwork analyzing and critiquing the brand messages publicized by the luxury-goods company, Shinola. Read More →

Humility in the Age of Self-Promotion

A two-day colloquium to consider wide-ranging understandings of humility and practical examples of its impact within diverse disciplinary fields. Read More →

Re Made Co.

The artwork Re Made Co. exists in the form of an online company, re-creating actual company Best Made Co.’s website, video and social media. Read More →


#exstrange (2017) was a live exhibition that used eBay as a site of curatorial and artistic production and cultural exchange. Read More →


eBayADay (2006) was the first group exhibition using eBay as venue. Read More →

Reframing Photography

The book Reframing Photography redefines photographic practice by considering expansive inquiries of theory, history and process used by many types of artists and disciplines. Read More →


Social Media