Rethink Shinola

RETHINK SHINOLA is an Internet-based artwork analyzing and critiquing luxury-goods company Shinola's brand messages. Read More →

Re Made Co.

Re Made Co. is a multimedia artistic intervention satirizing the brand narrative of Best Made Co., a New York City-based company that sells hand-painted designer axes. Read More →

Nice White Moderates

A Donald Trump impersonator reads letters written by parents to the Ann Arbor Public School Board to amplify similarities between Trump's emotionally manipulative rhetoric and the divisive tactics used by ostensibly "liberal" parents in their efforts to treat public education as a ‘service’ like any other, subsidized by their tax dollars and therefore answerable to them. Read More →

Radical Humility

What does humility mean and why does it matter in an age of golden escalators and billionaire entrepreneurs? How can the cultivation of humility empower us to see success in failure, to fight against injustice, to stretch beyond our usual ways of thinking, and to foster a culture of listening in an age of digital shouting? Read More →


The online curatorial project #exstrange invited a global group of designers, artists and curators to use and subvert the conventions of the online marketplace, presenting artworks masquerading as goods and services. Read More →


eBayADay was the first collective intervention into eBay. We invited artists to use the dozens of categories within eBay as site-specific locations for their ideas. Read More →

Reframing Photography

The Reframing Photography book is a broad and inclusive rethinking of photography. The book critically explores photographic representation, ethics, re-enactments, mediated vision, and other issues within the image-based world. Read More →

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