Rethink Shinola

RETHINK SHINOLA is an Internet-based artwork analyzing and critiquing luxury-goods company Shinola's brand messages. Read More →

Re Made Co.

Re Made Co. is a multimedia artistic intervention satirizing the brand narrative of Best Made Co., a New York City-based company that sells hand-painted designer axes. Read More →

Age of Humility

Philosophers, psychologists, a farmer, an attorney, race scholars, artists, and others write about the significance of humility in this era of Trump, billionaire entrepreneurs, and social media. Read More →


The online curatorial project #exstrange invited a global group of designers, artists and curators to use and subvert the conventions of the online marketplace, presenting artworks masquerading as goods and services. Read More →


eBayADay was the first collective intervention into eBay. We invited artists to use the dozens of categories within eBay as site-specific locations for their ideas. Read More →

Reframing Photography

The Reframing Photography book is a broad and inclusive rethinking of photography. The book critically explores photographic representation, ethics, re-enactments, mediated vision, and other issues within the image-based world. Read More →

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