UM Careers for Sex Offenders

I created the UM Careers for Sex Offenders in response to the University of Michigan’s failure to protect targets and victims from sexual predators on campus. This work responds to a devastating series of offenses, including Dr. Robert Anderson‘s molestation of more than 800 men, former Provost Martin Philbert‘s sexual harassment of graduate students and staff, and Lecturer Bruce Conforth‘s manipulation and sexual abuse of female students, David Daniels’ solicitations of student sex, among other offenders.

A common theme in these case is the university’s failure to sanction or fire the offender, the Office of Institutional Equity’s failure to properly investigate and to find violations, and the Board of Regents’ failure to hold administrators accountable. The OIE Director continues to insist on maintaining the faulty single-investigator model in which one investigator identifies interviewees, conducts interviews, reviews the findings, and makes the judgment. As a member of the Academic Affairs Advisory Committee (AAAC) that advises the provost, I’ve had a front-row seat to Provost Philbert’s overseeing the sexual misconduct umbrella policy during which he defended OIE’s deplorable record, and OIE Director Strickman’s refusal to consider alternative models.

UM Careers for Sex Offenders promotes the University of Michigan campus as a protective environment for sex offenders. It’s email address is “”

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