Re Made On Site

While Re Made Co.’s natural home is online, occasionally the company/artwork locates itself in brick-and-mortar venues. Here, Re Made transplanted itself into the window-front gallery, INCIDENT REPORT, to reach constituents of Hudson, New York, and to initiate a conversation on Warren Street.

Over the past ten years, people relocating from Brooklyn, Manhattan, and San Francisco have transformed Warren Street, Hudson’s main business artery, into an enclave of cafes and home design stores. Media coverage of the newly gentrified Hudson suggests the new residents are pioneers remaking the city in their own vision. While 25 percent of Hudson’s residents live below the poverty line, most of the new residents are self-employed designers, storekeepers, and editors who don’t offer new employment for established locals. Architect Robert Collins describes the dilapidated houses just off of Warren Street and refers to the area as “Two worlds, one block away, … not co-mingling.” On Warren Street, Re Made Co.’s highly curated home goods at inflated prices mimic the wares now sold in adjacent stores, reminding passers-by of the cultural tourism and de-valuation of labor involved in elevating tools of manual work.