Ethics and Advertising Talk at Wieden+Kennedy

Rebekah Modrak presented her work to the Wieden+Kennedy New York agency as part of a monthly guest series intended to broaden the per­spec­tive on adver­tis­ing and the respon­si­bil­i­ties of cul­tural pro­duc­ers.

Wieden+Kennedy is a full-ser­vice adver­tis­ing agency that offers brand mar­ket­ing, mar­ket­ing automa­tion, and more. The com­pany was founded in 1982 and has offices in eight cities, includ­ing Ams­ter­dam, Lon­don, New York, Tokyo, Shang­hai, Delhi, and São Paulo.

Modrak’s work as an artist and writer is at the inter­sec­tions of art, activism, crit­i­cal design, and cre­ative resis­tance to con­sumer cul­ture. Her pre­sen­ta­tion to Wieden+Kennedy focused on the ethics of representation in advertising through historical and contemporary examples and through Modrak’s cri­tique of the appro­pri­a­tion of man­ual labor (Best Made Co. / Re Made Co.) and the mar­ket­ing of the White sav­ior myth (Shi­nola / Rethink Shi­nola and Bougie Crap).