#exstrange Featured in VICE Creator Project

#exstrange, the eBay-based curatorial project by Rebekah Modrak and Marialaura Ghidini, was recently featured in an article by Catherine Chapman for VICE’s Creators Project.

“When eBay went public in the late 90s, its sale of products online completely changed what we knew about shopping and doing business, taking the consumer away from the storefront and any face-to-face communication. Now, curator Marialaura Ghidini and artist Rebekah Modrak are reversing that, using one of the internet’s largest auction sites to reconsider our transactions of art with the project #exstrange.

‘eBay was used to disrupt this idea of commerce in the real world,’ Ghidini tells Creators. ‘The one-to-one relationship became independent from any other commercial system. Using eBay, we wanted to substitute this one-to-one relationship and rethink how we consume things online.’ #exstrange is a two-month-long live art exhibit in which the pieces are completely curated, seen, and sold through eBay, changing the relationship between the artist and buyer.”

Move Over, Ebay, #exstrange Is Bringing Online Art Auctions Back to the People | VICE: The Creators Project