MCubed Funding Awarded

An interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff including Rebekah Modrak, Jamie Vander Broek, and Aaron Ahuvia, have received $60,000 in support from the University of Michigan’s MCubed program, a two-year seed-funding program.

Their project, “Humility in the Age of Commerce”, will explore the virtue of humility, with focus on how we live as consumers. The project will include a colloquium that gathers a diverse group of scholars and practitioners to discuss the value and costs of humility in their practices, and will culminate in a multi-disciplinary publication on how humility is exemplified through divergent practices.

Modrak, Associate Professor at Stamps, Vander Broek, U-M Librarian for Art & Design, and Ahuvia, Professor of Marketing at the U-M Dearborn College of Business, are supported by a fourth collaborator, Sarah Buss, Professor in the Department of Philosophy. Sarah Posner, Stamps BFA student, and Maggie Johnson, BA Museum Studies, are research assistants for the project.